009: The Hollow
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The chaos of infinity descends upon the airwaves and returns to your ears revealing the turmoil of a pute son of beloved psychics, the curious voices of a haunted forest, and the allure in a simple vegetable.

Alexis Preston
008: Sewn Together
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Tune into MBC’s Marathon of Sewn Together (2045) ★★★

Aiden & Gordon may be an unlikely pair but they’ve always got each other’s backs… literally! Sewn Together explores the family dynamic of two parabiotically attached individuals.

Alexis Preston
007: machine://0.04.20.exe
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Between our network of worlds & the infinity of times, listen in on one drug-addled computer approaching sentience as it dreams of music, self, and the public radio of the polyverse.

Alexis Preston
006: Thus With A Kiss

From KBBQ Santa Monica, hear behind the scenes on the star-crossed production of a film from a director brought back from the dead, the actor who carried it, and the crew caught in the middle.

Alexis Preston
005: The Loud Room
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Once more radio waves and brain waves intertwine as we hear the distractions of meditation and the journey of a man’s plight with depression naps, plus the tempting fruits of limited time offers. 

Alexis Preston
004: Transmissions
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Before we begin: A friendly reminder that in the event of an emergency, please alert your H.S.A unit.  In this episode we hear all about the new neighbor, hear a heartwarming tale of bravery in The Mouth, and meet a man impervious to flames.  Tune in.

Alexis Preston
003: The Night Before
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Tune to the frequencies of parallel worlds as we hear the true origin of famous holiday songs, the intimate logs of a captain adrift, and the lessons time itself has to offer from WNNY's Laborastory. All this and more. 

Alexis Preston
002: Nickel Beer Night
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Welcome back to Hollow Public Radio, your source for public radio from every possible reality.  In this episode we tune into American Past-Time and their coverage of the second longest baseball game ever: Nickel Beer Night.  The endless beer that took hold of the sports-fans, the enigmatic figure known as "The Beer King," and the profound impact the events had on American history. Tune in. 

Alexis Preston
001: Strangers
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Welcome to Hollow Public Radio, your source for public radio from every possible reality. In this episode, Carrie Lee gives us the inside scoop on her new film, Rita Scarf digs deep into the mind behind nanobots, and we listen in on someone's Bornday. All this and more.  Tune in. 

Alexis Preston